Bandora Bandora helps facility managers who want to manage a building at peak of efficiency, by reducing its automation systems complexity and meet optimal comfort, unlike current smart buildings.

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Currently, 80% to 90% of our lives are spent in buildings: we leave our homes for jobs/school, hence for restaurants, gyms, shopping centers, among others.

It is therefore natural that it is desirable that we set out comfortable, justifying the fact that 90% of the complaints of building occupants concerns issues of the scope of heating and cooling. However, buildings are the largest energy consumer sector (30% worldwide) and about half of this is intended for the operation of HVAC systems! That is, clearly existing solutions do not solve the problem.

Smart buildings have taken over as the solution to the problem, but so far have failed to prove its effectiveness. Although they have substantially increased the mesh of monitored and controlled devices, and the amount of data made available, they have also brought greater complexity in their operation and daily management. Maintenance technicians live with this problem daily, due to the fact that teams are small, their qualifications are low and maintenance contracts are renewed every 1 or 2 years and therefore all experience accumulated by these técnic them in a building, is lost with each renovation.

On the other hand, part of the work of these maintenance technicians is postponed due to the fact that it tries to address complaints of environmental discomfort.

For building owners/users it is worrying that O&M costs have been growing, because according to BOMA, energy and maintenance already account for more than 53% of these costs.

Bandora develops a SaaS that pushes commercial buildings to operate to their utmost efficiency, i.e. energy consumption, O&M costs and comfort of their occupants. The goal is to make buildings autonomous in their O&M operations through a continuous real-time commissioning. Because we integrate with all the existing energy and IoT management systems in buildings, we do not overlap with existing investments, but complement them! Bandora comprehends a data exchange gateway that connects to any building system, a crowd comfort feedback app for occupants, an AI engine to correlate data and simple and intuitive dashboard for assets managers or CFO level, where the savings and comfort are available. For instance, the conference room it's scheduled at 9am, Bandora knows the number of occupants, the comfort temperature, how much time it takes to rise 1ºC and when to start heating the room with less energy consumption and cost, without complaints or distractions!

The transformation in the sector will be revolutionary, because in 100 years of research around thermal comfort, the standard has never met occupants' needs.

We configure the operations of buildings according their real energy profile, in real time, continuous and autonomously. Never before has the feedback of occupants been used to tailor indoor comfort systems to their needs. Bandora will fine-tune the building setup to the real needs of the building and its occupants, saving up to 40% O&M costs, maintaining the optimal comfort point and improves in 150% the performance of its occupants and reduces mistakes in 44%. Facility managers save time in their daily routines, willing to keep maintenance updated and increase equipments lifetime. Regarding sustainability we decrease the carbon footprint and rase environmental awareness among occupants, since they'll be aware of the impact of their decisions, due the information in the mobile app.


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