LADL Patisserie LADL produces snack alternatives otherwise considered unhealthy, but has made healthy snacks for health conscious people affected by lifestyle diseases like type2 diabetes and hypertension to take control of their lives and enjoy their favorite snacks without suffering adverse effects.

  • Ghana

LADL Patisserie produces snack alternatives otherwise considered unhealthy, making it possible for health conscious individuals and people affected by lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension to take control of their lives and enjoy their favorite snacks without suffering the adverse effects.

LADL sells from food trucks and from mini stalls that are located in strategic locations in the capital city, Accra. Our desire is to replicate this model in all the major cities in Ghana to make our products easily accessible to all health conscious professionals who have to leave home early to work and would want to avoid eating easily available junk food.

Our healthy products range is made from fresh fruits and vegetables and we continually develop recipes that for instance replaces white sugar with honey and full cream milk with healthy coconut milk. We also replace white flour with whole wheat flour etc.

Some of our products are:

Whole wheat croissants, wholewheat pies

◆ Fresh fruit juices and Smoothies

◆ Fresh Sandwiches & Salads.


Location: East Cantonment, Accra

Established: 2017

Social Impact Areas:

  • Long life through healthy eating

Create many jobs for economic growth

❖ Employ women for gender equality

❖ Help reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by reducing number of vehicles driving around in search for snacks by providing mini food trucks at vantage points for easy access by customers

Sector: Food Services

Staff Size: 2 full-time / 2 part time

Type: For profit

Major Funders: Owner's Capital only

Target Market 1: B2C - Average working Class and above, busy health conscious professionals. We also produce frozen unbaked pastries for restaurants, hotels, catering houses and individuals. 

Our desire is to find a partner interested in expanding the food truck business across Ghana. Food trucks are rarely available in Ghana currently and is an opportunity waiting to be fully exploited.

Target Market 2: B2B - The idea is to take advantage of our production facility to ease the burden of our B2B customers so they do not have to go through the all known lengthy process of producing croissants. We produce the assorted croissants and pies and freeze them in boxes for supply.

Our customers (restaurants, hotels, caterers and even individuals) buy these frozen unbaked pastries and all they need to do is to arrange them on a tray and bake as and when they need it.


Our desire is to identify a partner willing to expand their operations into Ghana, West Africa. A partner is required to help scale the business.

Some of the requirements of the business ar e:

  1. Supporting research into increasing the shelf life of the frozen pastries;
  2. LADL branding upgrade;
  3. Upgrade packaging;
  4. Ultimately increase production capacity to produce larger quantities and increase marketing and sales significantly.
  5. Construct frozen storage facility to store frozen unbaked pastries for supply to local caterers, restaurants, hotels and individuals directly and via supermarkets.




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