MOSBY LINCOLN LC The Firm provides investment supervisory services to various types of clients including individuals, trusts and business entities. MOSBY GROUP will act as an intermediary in obtaining a business loan for you in one of the largest and most reputable banking institu such as Barclays and JPMorgan Chase

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MOSBY LINCOLN LC, was originally founded as Mosby Lincoln Capital Management, LP in 1990, by
Edward M Lincoln. Mosby Lincoln Capital Management, LP was converted to Mosby Lincoln, LC on
December 31, 1995. Edward M Lincoln is still the principal owner and manager of the firm.

The Firm had approximately $310 million in assets as of December 31, 2010, that are managed on a discretionary
basis. Those funds are mainly invested in mutual funds, common stocks and their related options, United States
government securities, corporate debt and bank certificates of deposit. Various money market funds are used for cash management purposes.

The Firm provides investment supervisory services to various types of clients including individuals, trusts, estates, charitable organizations and business entities.

MOSBY ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD was established in 2008, to meet the financial needs of companies extracting minerals, oil, gas, platinum, iron ore, gold, and also one of the highly demanded minerals – which are diamonds. Considering the fact that diamond is the hardest of substances known to the world, the demand for diamonds is enormously high, therefore, a huge number of companies around the world are engaged in mining in Africa, and accordingly, like any other type of businesses, these companies need access to additional financial resources, to upgrade plant and equipment, attract additional investors, debt restructuring, factoring transactions and other possible financial instruments that provide financial assistance, to avoid a fall of the economic activity of the mining companies.

According to international statistics on volumes of mining of diamonds: up to 1993 there was produced 500 tons or 2.5 billion carats, and from 1993 to 2013 were extracted 540 tons or 2.7 billion carats ( ).

The attractiveness of such a growing market is obvious, so we decided to become a link between the companies that extract minerals in Africa and buyers, satisfying their needs in financial resources by all possible financial instruments on the market.

Since we are constantly following world trends, recently we also decided to start an investment project for the construction of a cryptocurrency mining farm.

In recent years, the cryptocurrency has become very popular. With its help, many people around the world have managed to earn big money. The governments of many countries are already thinking about issuing their own cryptocurrencies. Also, many large banks, companies and government agencies around the world are already working with Blockchain technology (on which cryptocurrencies are based). We believe that in the nearest future cryptocurrencies will be able to replace the regular money and completely change the entire global financial system, and those who today have savings in the cryptocurrency will get great benefits.

Therefore, we are attracting investors to our ambitious project to create a cryptocurrency mining farm, so that today we can begin to change our overall financial future.

In 2017, to increase the efficiency of the company and create a kind of closed investor club, the board of directors of MOSBY ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD decided to incorporate M.A.M. PROGRESSIVE FUND LTD (company number HE 374811).

The main goal of M.A.M. Progressive Fund Ltd. is to combine rigorous investor protection with an unequaled degree of flexibility that allows products to be tailored to the needs of a specific market or client group.

M.A.M. Progressive Fund Ltd. created the Closed investor club that allows a number of separate and unrelated investors, a group of individuals or companies, to make investments together. By pooling their capital, investors can share costs and benefit from the advantages of investing larger amounts, including the possibility of achieving a broader diversification among a number of different assets and thus spreading their risks.

M.A.M. Progressive Fund Ltd. can offer investors many possible ways to invest generally depending on their needs for example participation in factoring operations or cryptocurrency mining.

Based on the successful experience of major global investment funds M.A.M. Progressive Fund Ltd. seek to provide to the clients a broader selection of investment opportunities, greater management expertise and lower investment fees than investors might be able to obtain on their own.

The AS MOSBY LLC (registration number 3732790) was established in the year 2003 as the main asset allocation point, the main purpose of which is to relieve the financial burden on the Mosby Lincoln.

The main function of the company is to send US assets to European regions and interaction with European partners.

Also ensuring continuous communication between the European and American continents in matters of urgent investment.

In order to reduce costs of extensive overseeing, till 31.07.2019, most of the company assets were transferred to be managed by 3rd parties:

That made SEC registration not required, hence June 31, 2019 SEC registration of MOSBY LINCOLN LC was terminated.

This site main purpose is to provide information to existing clients and it bears no intention to promote company services to new clients. New clients may be accepted only with approval of company top authorities.

Due to utter focus on current project, the Group is temporarily not interested in new collaborations.


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