SONACO S.A.R.L. Established in 1975, Sonaco Al Rabih started producing “Halawa and Tahineh” than extended the range to include 200 products ranging from dips, Mediterranean specialties, jams, pickles, syrups, and distillates (awarded ISO 22,000). Sonaco became one of the leading companies in food processing.

  • Lebanon

Established in 1975 by Mr. Georges Nasraoui C.E.O, Sonaco started as a small company producing two main products "Halawa and Tahineh" locally and setting a strategy to increase production and expand the Sonaco product line.

In 1986, Sonaco Al Rabih became one of the leading companies in food processing producing more than 200 products ranging from dips, jams, pickles, syrups, distillates and was able to add its production line and private label services.

In 2007, Sonaco "Al Rabih" was leading and was awarded the ISO-22000 certification for food safety management on Tahini and Halawa and then in 2015 extended the scope to include all canned products.


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