NAKHEEL PALESTINE FOR AGRICULTURE INVESTMENT Nakheel Palestine is a regional leader in growing, packing and exporting the finest Palestinian Medjoul and Barhi dates.

  • Palestine

Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment Ltd. Is a private limited shareholding company; and a regional leader in growing, packing and exporting finest quality Palestinian Medjoul and Barhi dates.

The company's brands Jericho Dates and Moon City Dates are available to consumers, retailers and wholesalers in more than 25 established markets worldwide.

Nakheel Palestine's groves, scattered in the outskirts of Jericho cover an area of 3,500,000m2 and has more than 40,000 date palm trees that are taken care of using advanced irrigation systems and fertilization technologies.

Nakheel Palestine's packing house employees highly skilled labour force, operating with the most advanced automated grading technologies. The company has established a well-designed processes for drying, disinfecting, grading and storage, including a refrigerated storage area with the capacity of 3000 metric tons.

All working procedures at the farms and packing house are in accordance with the international standards. Nakheel Palestine has a full set of international quality certifications including ISO22000, Global G.A.P, F.SSC22000, Palestinian Certificate of Excellence and the Halal Certificates. The company is committed to providing quality products and operational excellence throughout all stages of production.

In recognition for the company's achievements, Nakheel Palestine was awarded the "Palestine Exporter of the Year" Award. The company received this award in recognition for its track record in exporting quality produce to international markets.


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