Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to MiCo?
Pedestrian access Via Eginardo, Gate 2
How can I contact Connext Customer Care?
For participation:
Who is the “Professional”?
The user registered as company’s Professional is the business person who will hold B2B meetings. By using a personal profile, the Professional will be able to manage their own agenda, accept or reject meeting requests received from a company, request meetings with companies profiled in the Marketplace.
I used my e-mail to register the company, can I become a professional?
When entering your data during the registration as contact person for the company, you will be automatically registered as Professional for the same company. The contact person will be able to manage the B2B agenda, send meeting requests and accept requests received by other companies. For this reason, it is important that the person who completes the registration for the company is the same person who will attend the event and hold B2B meetings.
If I register as the Company Contact Person, can I take part to B2B meetings?
Yes. As manager of the company profile within the platform, the contact person has access to the agenda and can send requests to meet the companies present in the Digital Marketplace, accept or reject those received and participate in B2B during the event.
Can my staff participate to Connext?
Yes, people who are part of the company and are not registered to Connext as Professional, can participate by registering as Visitors. Within their profile they will find their personal entry voucher.
Where will B2B meetings be held?
B2B meetings for foreign companies will be held within the International Area.
How many B2Bs can I request? Is there a minimum number of B2B meetings?
No, you can decide to accept or reject B2B requests at your sole discretion and there is no limit on the number of B2Bs one can request. However, each participation option defines the number of professionals who can be profiled and hold bilateral meetings. The Organizer is not responsible for in case of not acceptance of a B2B request.
Where will foreign companies be located?
Foreign Companies that select the “Free Booth" will be positioned in the “International Area” - dedicated to foreign delegations - and will have a table with 4 chairs for their B2Bs.
Will foreign companies have the possibility to organize meetings with companies from other foreign countries?
Will foreign companies be able to participate in social events for free?
Foreign companies will have the possibility to participate to the Networking Cocktail on February 27, end of event.
How can I upload a logo in PDF format?
The formats allowed are jpg, png or gif. It is not possible to upload a logo in PDF format. If the logo is available in PDF format only, you will have to convert the file into png format using one of the several online tools.
Why is my video not showing on the marketplace?
The source programs supported for video upload are Youtube and Vimeo. You will have to select the source from the menu in the Video section and verify that you have correctly entered the required code. Follow the example below: Connect to your Youtube or Vimeo channel, select the video you want to upload, click on “Share”. The link for sharing will then appear. the code to copy and paste is located after the last "/"
I do not have a Youtube or Vimeo channel. How can I upload my video?
Uploading videos on Youtube or Vimeo is free. These channels guarantee better viewing and compatibility with all devices. Below you can find the instructions to create your own channel on Youtube or Vimeo and publish your videos in order to get the code for the upload on the Connext platform.

To upload your video on Youtube you need to create your own channel and have a Google account. It is the same account to access Gmail or use other Google products, such as Google Analytics. Connect to, click on the Login button at the top right and enter your Google account credentials (e-mail address and password).

Once you are logged in, click on the camera-shaped icon at the top right and select "Upload video". In the page that will appear, it will be possible to set the privacy of the video through the menu located in the center of the screen.
To upload the video, just click on "Select files to upload". Then you can select the video to upload.

Once selected, you can fill out the form that will appear below by entering the requested information about the video.
Click on "Publish" and the video uploading procedure on YouTube will begin. Once completed, the video will be shared on YouTube.
To upload your video on Vimeo you need to create your own account.
Access and click on “Join for free” located in the center of the screen.
After clicking, you will have to register by entering the required data: first and last name, e-mail address and password. Otherwise, click on the Join with Google button if you have an active Google account.
A new page will open. To upload your video just scroll down to the bottom and click “Upload”.
You can upload your video by dragging the file directly on the screen or by clicking on the " choose files" button.
After selecting the file, just wait for it to be loaded on Vimeo.
Can I participate as an exhibitor?
Yes. Participation for foreign companies is free including all services outlined in the "Free booth" option; but it is also possible to upgrade your participation as an Exhibitor by purchasing one of the “Exhibitor Booth” proposed among Standard, Executive, Silver, Gold and Platinum with all related services. As an Exhibitor, the company will be among the protagonists of Connext in one of the exhibition spaces dedicated to thematic drivers.
I have purchased an Exhibitor solution, but I will no longer be able to participate to Connext. Can I withdraw from the contract?
In the case of proven impossibility to participate, the company can request a withdrawal from the contract by informing Confindustria Servizi through registered mail.
In case of withdrawal, the following penalties will be applied:
- 50% of the entire participation fee for cancellations from 30 calendar days before the event;
- 100% of the entire amount after such date.
I have completed the online payment, when can I start profiling my company?
Once the application form is completed, you will immediately receive the credentials for access and can begin the profiling of the company and its professionals. The profile will not be visible on the exhibitors' catalog until the completion of the payment and in any case after the opening of the Marketplace in January 2020.
Once I have completed my participation with a Free Booth or as a Visitor, is it possible to buy a space to organize a technical workshop?
No. Workshops are exclusively intended for companies who participate as Silver/Gold/Platinum Exhibitors.
How to effectively fill in the "Multimedia contents" section
  1. The "Multimedia content" section is particularly important because this is where you have the opportunity to best promote your company.
  2. To access the section from the dashboard, click on "Exhibitor Profile Editor" on the left column
  3. Once you have filled in and saved the required fields with company name and logo, sector and contacts, access the section "Multimedia content"
  4. To effectively fill in the section try to answer three questions:
    -What results have you achieved with your business?
    -What are your business’ strengths?
    -What adjectives would you use to describe your business?
  5. You can enter a short description (up to 300 characters) in the first box. Here it is important to be concise and to write direct and short sentences
  6. In the box below you have the possibilty to expand the text and write a more detailed description
  7. Once the text is filled in, you can add a cover picture, videos, photos and the documents you want to show on your company profile
  8. Click on “Save and continue”
  9. For a final overview of your profile, click on the “Profile Preview” on the top right
How to use the "Matching" section
  1. Access your profile with your e-mail and password
  2. Click on the "Exhibitor Profile Editor" section in the left column
  3. Fill in all the fields until you get to the "Matching" section
  4. Information within this section will help the platform suggest those companies that best match partners you wish to meet
  5. That is to say, the more information about your company you give, better chances you will have to find ideal partners with whom you can organize B2B meetings
  6. First of all, click on one or more activities in the section “What kind of parterships are you looking for”
  7. Then answer the question "In which sectors are you seeking partnerships?", selecting the answer that best suits your needs from the drop-down menu. Again, you can choose more than one
  8. For example "Clothes, accessories and luxury items" and "Building materials”
  9. The system will put together all the data you provide to establish the percentage of "matching feeling" with other companies in the Marketplace
The Professional
  1. The Professional is that person who holds a position within the company in the areas of interest of the B2B meetings taking place at Connext
  2. Each Professional will have a personal profile where they can manage the B2B agenda, accept or refuse meeting requests and request themselves B2B meetings to other companies within the Marketplace
  3. If you are the company contact who created the profile of the participating company, you can invite someone from your company to register on the platform as a professional
  4. Login to your profile by entering your email and password and click on the "Exhibitor Professional " section in the left column
  5. In the box below enter the corporate e-mail of the user you want to invite
  6. The user will receive an e-mail containing the invitation message and the registration link
  7. If the professional is a new user, they will have to click on the registration link in the e-mail and follow the steps to create a personal account
  8. If the user participated to Connext2019, they will already have an account and will only need to log in
  9. At this point, also professionals, in addition to the contact person, can send B2B meeting requests to other companies and manage the requests received through their personal profile
  10. If the company participated to Connext2019 with registered professionals, the company contact may decide to enable or disable them for the 2020 edition. If disabled, even if they will no longer be a professional, the user will keep their profile as part of the exhibitor's Team and will be visible by the company contact in the "Active Colleagues" section
  11. The profiles in the green box are "Professional", the others are team members
  12. Instead, by clicking on the "Activate" button the team member will become a professional, and can then participate in B2B meetings
  13. In the "Active Colleagues" section the company contact person will see for each name whether it belongs to the "Professional" or "Exhibitor Team" category
How to manage meeting requests
  1. To send a meeting request go to, click on Marketplace in the top menu and select the company with which you wish to arrange a B2B meeting
  2. Once you have clicked on the logo of the selected company, you will be directed to the company profile page
  3. Click on the blue "arrange a meeting" button on the right side of the page. If you have not logged in to your profile yet, you will see the dedicated fields where you can enter your email, password and login
  4. If you are already logged in to your profile, after clicking the "Schedule Meeting" button, you can indicate the role of the person you would like to meet by selecting it from the options in the list, if any, or by filling in the empty field. For example, the head of human resources, founder, CFO or others
  5. In the drop-down menu below, select the theme of the meeting from those proposed or write your preference in the empty field
  6. Click on "Confirm" to send the request
  7. At this point, the contact person and the professionals of the company will receive an e-mail notification
  8. To accept a meeting request you must access your profile, you can do so by clicking directly on the link in the notification e-mail. In the dashboard of the profile, clicking on "requests received" you will find the list of companies that want to meet you
  9. To accept the request click on the blue "Accept meeting" button
  10. If you are the contact person for the company profile, by clicking on the drop-down menu "Name" you can select yourself to participate in the meeting or assign the meeting to one of the professionals
  11. Based on the availability of the participants' agendas, the system will allow you to choose day and time of the meeting and will automatically give the table number where the meeting will take place
  12. Meeting requests can be accepted by the professional or the contact person. Whoever accepts the request first, becomes the owner of that meeting
  13. Instead, if you do not want to accept the meeting request, from the "Requests received" page click on "Refuse"
  14. It is important to promptly give your feedback to meeting requests not only as a courtesy to the person who sent the request, but also not to close off slots or tables
  15. In the "Requests received" section you can check the status of each request
  16. The company who sent a meeting request, will have the possibility ask for a change of the proposed time
  17. To do so, click on "Personal Requests" in the left-hand column of the dashboard
  18. Click on the "Ask to change time" button on the right-hand side of the meeting in question
  19. In the box you can write a message specifying the new meeting time
  20. Click on "Ask to change time" to send the message
  21. At this point the company that received the request to change the time will receive a notification
  22. To accept or reject the request, click on "Requests received" in the left column of the dashboard
  23. Click on the orange button “Change time”. Click on “yes” to accept the request or “no” if you are not available at that time
  24. Click "yes" to select the role of the person you wish to meet again and set a new time for the meeting. By clicking on "no" the already set meeting time will remain unchanged
  25. After receiving a meeting request, before accepting or rejecting it, the user has the possibility to activate a chat to talk with the contact person or professional of the company that sent the request
  26. To activate the chat, simply click on "Accept conversation". The user can always access the active chats by clicking on the menu item "Messanger" at the top or by clicking on the grey button next to the received meeting requests, which will only be present if the corresponding chat has been activated when the user accepts the meeting request. If the user rejects the meeting request they will no longer have the possibility to activate the corresponding chat.
  27. To view all the B2B meetings you will hold, click on "My agenda" in the left-hand column of the dashboard
  28. Here you will get a complete list of all your appointments. However, only the company contact person can see all the meetings of every professional in the company.